Imam Ja'far Shadiq: Imam of Sunni and Shiah


Caliphate transition after Khulafa ur rashideen from one dynasty to another, even from Caliph to another , always inscribed any discrimination, the shedding of blood , fatwaa, arbitrariness and abuse, except in the era of Caliph 'Umar bin Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Malik bin Marwan . 

Power struggles between family , ethnicity , clans , sects spawned much clutter , while also progress in several sectors. It seemed that most propaganda was entitled to inherit the throne of the caliphate up till now is still in the Ahl ul Bayt and their descendants, or as a result of the fighting spirit of Dzurriyyah of Prophet to uphold the truth and combating abuse of luxury and handedness, made the rulers scared if it would be spread to all aspects of society , then turned into a BOOM power revolution. There is no other way to minimize it, except by mass destruction or banishment or boodle. 

By exploiting public frustration and present themselves as defenders of true religion , the descendants of ' Abbas ibn ' Abd Muttholib soon became leader of the anti Umayyads. As the centre of propaganda and headquarters , they chose a small village located in south of the Dead Sea , Al Mumaymah. (Ya'qubi,volume II 356-357 , Atthobari vol III page 34) . 

The split between the Umayyad royal family and the principle of seniority in the classical Arab tribal leadership issues became the biggest obstacle that hindered the authorities to empower the descendants to become their successor. And the Shiites which never approved the Umayyad rule became increasingly independent bigger power of Bani Abbasyiyah. So, of course Shiite group was only used as a their political springboard alone . 

In that Caliphate situation of transition towards the Umayyad to Abbasyiyah dynasty there was born Dzurriyyah of the Prophet i.e Sayyidina Ja'far Asshadiq Rodliyallahu ' anhu (May Allah please with him). 

This situation tended to create a conducive space to grow his knowledge amazed , and from this period, he also brought out Islamic scientists from many Disciples in all scopes and among others were : 

1 . Imam Malik in the scope of Hadith and fiqh 

2 . Imam Abu Khanifah in Fiqh 

3 . Sufyan atssauri was expert in Sufism and fiqh 

4 . Jabir ibn Hayyan for Chemists 

6 . Muhammad Bin Muslim . 

7 . and others However, when in the era of al- Ma'mun, again the Dzurriyyah of the Prophet were under pressure , thus there was born the doctrine of " Taqiyyah " until now . 

Throughout its history the proponents of Ahlul bayt have received unfair treatment , and this has become trigger for Shiites to hate Sunnis more . If there is only one Sunni cleric , who dared to apologize for the atrocities of history honestly, and not in order to approve all of his teachings , then the Wahhabis will be furious. Sometimes we are also confused with history , sometimes too subjective , depends on the teller. It is said that Imam Ahmad Muhajir moved to Hadramaut because of slander from Abbasid authority against the Ahl-ul-Bayt. But history says that his brother named Muhammad ibn 'Isa was one of the Abbasid governor and warlord . 

Moreover Imam Ahmad was the conglomerate of Basra. It seemed very impossible if he was despised by the authority. There must have been a reason that more definite , ie Shiite’s slander which made him uncomfortable because of profiteering Ahl ul Bayt’s name by Shiite and also to save the children and grandchildren from Shiite and Khawarij creeds. Evidently , now Basrah becomes Shiite base and its neighbour -Nejd – also becomes the base of Wahhabism. It was one commentator said in the discussion group. In the beginning of the 'Abbasid dynasty indeed cooperated with Shiite to overthrow the Umayyads .

 But as the character of politic , if you've felt safe , the enemy who used to be a threat and after doing a coalition , yet he could be discarded. Because there are so many colours of ink , there are many types ballpoints and pens , the opinion on which colour would be the most " correct " for a history of the condition becomes very relative. And it doesn’t just depend on who's painted as implied by some history commentators, but also to anyone who saw , read , examined , and then reflected back our times (once again : Now) with historical evidence and the evidence suggests the use of more valid methodology. Red quote above is just a hint, perhaps it is time for us to re- assemble the mosaic that is more into " SOLID COLORS " to improve our religious disputes story forward . 

Namely by combining the colour of RED and YELLOW if OTHERS FELT THE MOST GREEN in the universe . Hopefully paintings which resulting from the incorporation of these colours can treat our image of pain towards the world community. Minimally, We agree that Imam Ja'far Asshadiq is our Imam (leader) : Sunni and Shiite leader.

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