Between Torment And Warning

Between Torment And Warning

Muslim who is sensitive -aka his eyes of heart is sensitive- will address what happened to themselves or their environment as Allah’s Warning, no matter how small the calamity is, such as stubbed toe or stuck by bur alone will soon build his attitude to return to Allah.

There are so many verses in the Koran that tells people who perished as a result of the foregoing their paganism against Allah, like the Thamud tribe with a thunder of sound that went on beyond the limits of the power of the eardrum in general , so they died instantly.

وأخذ الذين ظلموا الصيحة فأصبحوا في ديارهم جاثمي

" And the shriek seized those who had wronged, and they became within their homes [corpses] fallen prone. As if they had never prospered therein. Unquestionably, Thamud denied their Lord; then, away with Thamud "(QS Hud: 67-68)

'Ad tribe were destroyed by the sudden very furious and violent wind, revealed in the Quran by termed as Rikhan Shorshoron :

وأما عاد فأهلكوا بريح صرصر عاتية

“And the 'Ad, they were destroyed by a furious Wind, exceedingly violent,” (QS Al haqqaah 69: 6)

The Prophet Luth’s tribe were turned upside down and showered with hot brimstone , where as we know in Arabia there are no volcanoes , perhaps shipment from persia , namely mountain of Damavand :

فلما جاء أمرنا جعلنا عاليها سافلها وأمطرنا عليها حجارة من سجيل منضود

“When Our Decree issued, We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer,” (QS Hud 11: 82)

Perhaps we take a look again and again, those verses show the occurrence of sudden and did not affect any rest except a few who were saved together with the Prophet , also we must read the story of Noah , Irom people and etc.

It is very true if the verses tells that many tribes were destroyed by God Whom intends to give lesson and warning to people afterwards , but it could not take any conclusion in a hurry if a natural disaster that occurs is now said to be a torment, but that it is a warning, and that's also very precise expectations.

Let us observe once again, that the whole stories in the Qur'an, torment or punishment will be down when infidelity has dominated over the people and the nature of it would be gutted, even mentioned in other verses ; areas affected by the wrath no longer would be habitable until many centuries, please investigate or trace the former punished tribe until now, it turns out to uninhabited places, or at least could no longer develop into a crowded area .

So , between wrath (punishment) and warning is very different , let alone Allah HIMSELF has promised clearly and unambiguously to us, for Ruh (soul) of Prophet Muhammad exists in the middle of us.. and his (Pbuh) teaching will still be practised , Allah will not punish us :

وما كان الله ليعذبهم وأنت فيهم وما كان الله معذبهم وهم يستغفرون

“But Allah was not going to send them a penalty whilst thou wast amongst them; nor was He going to send it whilst they could ask for pardon." (Q.S Al Anfaal 8: 33)

Region of Kediri , Malang , Blitar and regions affected areas of eruption last time are the region where the Prophet Muhammad is often presented in a Mawleed , within each teaching, in each time many of his ummah seek forgiveness .

Translated by: Aiko Hoashi

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